EcoRover Tracked Wheelchair

EcoRover Chairs comes with many
standard features.

  • Power tilt

  • Padded adjustable armrests

  • On board charger

  • Dual 2 horsepower motors

  • Adjustable height footplate

  • OS handle

  • Seatbelt

  • Kevlar belted Comfort Tech Tracks, turf friendly, smooth ride

  • 29.5 inches wide, 48 inches long, 350 lbs.

  • OPTIONAL – LiFePO4 lithium battery option with up to 15-mile range

    Plus, these features are included at no
    extra charges.

  • Reclining contoured seat with headrest

  • Dual cupholders

  • Side bag

  • Dual LED lights

  • USB charging ports

  • Rear tray

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